Marine Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment
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Dry Bag 60 ltr.

60 Litre Dry Bag A fully submersible dry bag suitable for many applications...

£17.05 Ex Tax: £14.21

Floating Knife New

Floating Knife

Floating Knife with lanyard, rounded blade makes it safe for you in liferaft.Tempered steel blade an..

£3.84 Ex Tax: £3.20

Hammer H20 Hydrostatic Release Unit

The new generation H20 model has a Red Weak Link connector with a 3-step coupling device. By elimina..

£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Heliograph / Signal Mirror

High quality, easy to use signalling mirror with instructions...

£6.48 Ex Tax: £5.40

Leak Stoppers - Black Rubber

Set of 3 various sized black rubber Leak Stoppers..

£3.84 Ex Tax: £3.20

Leak Stoppers - Orange Plastic

Set of 3 leak stoppers in various sizes - orange plastic..

£3.84 Ex Tax: £3.20

Lifeboat / Raft Rations 500g (10,000 kj)

Emergency Rations Pack. Meets USCG & SOLAS requirements..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £3.75

Lifeboat/raft Drinking Water sachet 1.5ltr MCA / USCG

Lifeboat/raft Drinking Water sachet 1.5ltr MCA / USCG Pack contains 6 half litre sachets..

£3.90 Ex Tax: £3.25

Lifebuoy Lights Daniamant L90 c/w Cells

Lifebuoy Lights Daniamant L90 c/w Cells, complete with cradle SOLAS approved..

£29.88 Ex Tax: £24.90

Lifejacket Light SOLAS / MED

Bright LED Lifejacket light, Water activated (automatic) Sea Flash SOLAS/ MED approved. Has manual s..

£9.54 Ex Tax: £7.95

Liferaft Paddle

Strong paddle with blade and handle..

£9.00 Ex Tax: £7.50

Line Throwing Bag

30 metres 6mm Hi_Viz orange polypropylene floating rope. Orange throw bag with velcro seal top and f..

£30.96 Ex Tax: £25.80

MCA Approved Type Whistle New

MCA Approved Type Whistle

MCA Approved Type Whistle for Lifejackets..

£0.42 Ex Tax: £0.35

Oralite FD1404 IMO Flex SOLAS Reflective Tape

    •    High performance micro-prismatic tape for maritime appli..

£103.20 Ex Tax: £86.00

Quoit complete with 30m Throwing Line

Rubber Quoit complete with 30m Throwing Line..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £12.50